Creative knowledge sharing, studio work 

An integral part of efficient knowledge sharing is appropriate communication, the elements of which include all the topics of life cycle management, ranging from the carefully selected communication channels to the well written or spoken target messages and the design matching to them. The studio works at MindOnSolutionsTM focus on accomplishing the creative work of complex projects.

Beside complex instrumental and song recordings and mixing, we undertake all kinds of audio work, recordings and their post-production, such as spot announcements, talks, dubbing, radio plays, etc. In addition to sound production, we also work on video post-productions, creating subtitle, spot announcements, PR films, video clips and concert movies.

We do voiceovers in eighteen languages with the help of our native speaker narrators. Beside the technical post production of sound tracks and videos, we can undertake all the steps of the production process ranging from creative ideas to producing the end product on request. The individual prices are determined by the final product, so the creative work is not influenced by financial obstacles until the end result is fully satisfying.