The right corporate culture is a goal, not a pre-condition. Therefore it is important to recognize where we are, and where do we want to arrive.

Where is the chance?

The need for cost effective data handling, knowledge management and integration is more critical, than ever before. The projected retirement of key workers coupled with the current economic climate means that decision makers must move far beyond on content management and instead they are capturing, retaining and transferring knowledge to strategically manage “human capital” (let’s call people, or employees), organizational change, and enterprise transformation.

Give a chance and build your innovative environment and a future proof resilient company!


WHERE TO START: individuals or organizations?

Organization on one hand comes by organizing ourselves. But what are the key questions we should ask from ourselves?

1. Are we in balance?

We are always out of balance, but we should always striving for balance! That is excellence from corporate culture and individual mind-set and behaviour point of view.

2. Balance, or rather integration?

Balance is impossible and too many people are stress as a result thinking it can be attained. It cannot! Balance is a misnomer. What any can achieve is integration. Integrate life - work, rest and fun factor - so that it sustains the dynamics of life. To improve integration base all your decisions using the followings as markers:

      consider who matters most and what matters most,
      which are your values, and
      what is your purpose.

Do that consistently and you will enjoy an integrated life far more. Find what works for you and your key stakeholders and live, lead and work to attain and maintain that as best you can.


We contribute to your efforts by knowledge mapping, mindmapping training, organizational culture assessment and development, catalyst workshops inspiring problem solving and creative reuse mentality. More details are coming soon!