Processes can be lean and satisfying - in the same time. Our colorful processes just need the right design to streamline the way we - and our organization - work.

We believe that there is not a single approach that works for each and every client. Through our collaborative engagement process, we work closely with our customers to improve their excellence that integrates the appropriate tools and methods through the proper combination of the following key disciplines:

     Six Sigma (DMAIC, DFSS), Lean

     Operational assessment, process audits

     ​Measurement system development

     ​Value chain management

     Best practice sharing


Today, business processes are more complex and interconnected than ever before. Additionally, they are not complying with traditional organisational structures and involve complex communities consist of alliances with strategic suppliers, outsourcing vendors, networks of customers and other partnerships. These alliances, on the one hand help organisations to address the pressures of unprecedented change and competition, time-to-market compression, rapidly changing technologies and increasing complexity, on the other hand, they make processes more complicated. Because of this multifaceted nature of businesses, both everyday processes and projects that implement new business systems are also more complex, while optimal simplicity is required to keeping costs down.

how is it better, easier, faster, or cheaper?

Knowledge management in everyday life shows up in questions like “how is it better, easier, faster, or cheaper to do something” and generally it is about efficiency development, starting with some process improvements. 

The different kind of process development methodologies – like Lean or Six Sigma, etc. - are built upon collaboration and effective teamwork with the common goal to improve organizational performance. Therefore, process improvement techniques are variously combined with knowledge sharing methods in order to solve specific, individual problems and also to develop extensive, general company efficiency.