By using a mixture of methodologies, we are able to deliver the highest quality results cost-effectively - implemented phase by phase.

The Blend of methodoligies

Most of us know how difficult it is to make projects succeed. …mainly deliver all the requirements on time, and within budget! MindOn SolutionsTM can help you guide your project to success, with focusing on all the essential ingredients of cost, time and quality - within scope. We aim to deliver your goals in the most efficient way possible.

To successfully achieve the goals of a project, it is important to deeply clarify the business requirements first. The goal of the project needs to be clearly scoped and the message needs to be clearly communicated between the business owner and all the parties involved. Project success definitely relies on an efficient use of the available resources (budget, people, time and everything else), and on a consistently delivered message to the stakeholders (both client, employees and co-workers) in a clear, well designed and communicative manner.

The project management methodology we apply depends on the scope and nature of the project we lead or support:

     In our IT projects we are using both the agile (SCRUM, RUP) and the traditional waterfall (SSADM) development methods.

     During process improvement initiatives we are definitely relying to Lean-Six Sigma.

     In the course of soft projects - like organizational culture development, knowledge mapping, or competency development - we use various models selected, and frequently customised according to the scope and goals of the project.

Our structured way of project execution delivers the highest quality results cost-effectively - implemented phase by phase if possible.

We provide project management services within the framework of outsourcing as well.